Free Issues Audit

Here’s a practical exercise that will help you identify topics and issues of concern to you and your business-family.

The Business-Family Issues Audit

Feedback from the Business-Family Issues Audit℠ can be used to begin conversations that will help acknowledge and address current and future needs facing your business-family. For best results complete the Audit with family members.

Here are example statements from the Audit:

For the Family

  • Improve family communication and information sharing
  • Recognize and resolve family conflicts that disrupt business operations
  • Align family goals for the business with strategic business goals

For the Business

  • Formalize business decision-making processes/procedures
  • Establish a family member employment policy
  • Address management style differences of family employees

For the Owners

  • Define owner role and responsibilities
  • When to institute marriage contracts / pre-nuptial agreements
  • When to plan for ownership succession


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