Client Testimonials

What Clients Say

“Our family has worked with Francine to create a regular process of family meetings, confronting personal, family and business issues large and small. Francine has helped guide our family to a much greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities and roles that all family members have in a family enterprise. Without her help we would have just had a business and a family now we are truly a Family Business.”

– D. Porte, Porte Communities, Ltd.

“As the new, next generation owner of a family business Francine helped us establish our priorities for renewal through an employee survey, and then facilitated the collective development of a Core Purpose, Core Values, Code of Conduct, and Vision Statement. These now form the foundation from which we are successfully building a strong organization that will grow and successfully achieve its long term goals.”

– S. Weatherford, ATCO Wood Products Ltd.

“Our work with Francine in our Family-Business Council, has helped us break through communications barriers and develop family business programs and policies that are helping us moving successfully towards a fourth generation of shared family-business ownership.”

– D. Yochlowitz, ABC Recycling, Inc.

“With Francine’s assistance we have successfully transitioned the Company to the second generation. We could not have done it without her.”

– M. Martin, SunTech Optics

“…You were absolutely the perfect person to lead us through difficult waters. We are in awe of what you helped us to achieve. I know that this is just the beginning… we now have great optimism to reflect on our progress.”

– C. Christopher, G&B Estates, Ltd.

“I really wanted to send you a very big heartfelt thank you. All of us only had good things to say of the meeting and the outcomes and for the first time in quite awhile I think we all have a little spark of hope that it can work.”

– R. Weatherford, ATCO Wood Products, Fruitvale, BC

“We would like to thank you for agreeing to work with our family in developing an effective Family Council. Upon reflection, we all share great enthusiasm for this process and are excited about the potential for our family unit. Thank you for your patience and guidance along the way.”

– D. & J. Miller, JJM Construction

Good job in chairing today and moving forward many of the complex and potentially controversial matters.

– M.Louie, D+H Group, LLP, Vancouver, BC

“Francine is a highly skilled facilitator. She led us through potentially contentious ground to quickly find a constructive common ground. Francine masterfully led us through the first steps in developing a culture of empowered leadership.”

– R. Penco, Fraser Valley Regional Library

“Francine’s professionalism, insight and communication skills were instrumental in helping us move out of serious institutional ruts into a more empowered, cohesive, and energetic organization.”

– K. Keller, Anchorage Public Libraries

“The ability to start with a framework in the morning and work through the issues was absolutely necessary to achieve a productive solution. Francine’s presence was great.”

– L. Simkins, Copper Lion, Inc., Montana

“Well done! It is your fast and decisive action that will stop future acts of this nature and promote harmony and respect within the Company. Once again Francine thank you for your assistance.”

– M. Lotzkar, Pacific Metals Ltd., International Scrap Recyclers, Vancouver, BC

“With Francine’s guidance, sensitivity, and insight, we were able to create a working cross-generational family council where authentic, frank dialogue and decision-making took place.”

– R. Switzer, William Switzer & Associates, Vancouver, BC

“Francine is able to creatively link issues of the heart to the real world of business.”

– D&J. Miller, JJM Construction, Delta, BC

“Francine does not soft pedal; she helped us confront difficult issues and did so with graceful candor.”

– K. Keller, Anchorage Municipal Libraries

“Francine’s facilitation helped us improve our communication and work more productively as a team.”

– B. Martinuzzi,, Burnaby, BC

“As a result of Francine’s intervention, senior managers were able to mend some fences and clear the way for greater mutual trust and respect.”

– G. Zlotnik, ZLC Financial Group, Vancouver, BC

“Francine’s counsel was a valuable anchor as we underwent corporate reorganization. Her business intuition, common sense approach, and insight into human dynamics helped me effectively manage our process of organizational change.”

– D. Prior, The Caldwell Partners Executive Search, Vancouver, BC

“Francine’s preparation before our retreat really paid off. She is a great facilitator and we were lucky to be able to work with a professional of her calibre.”

– E. Stebner, Akhurst Machinery, Detla, BC

“We thank Francine for the positive part she’s played in our lives. I am not sure where we would have gone without her guidance.”

– P. Branch, PAJO’s Restaurant, Richmond, BC

“We thank Francine so much for recent meetings. They went really well and certainly the next generation is excited about their involvement in the new Foundation.”

– D. Christopher, G&B Estates, Ltd.

“We seemed to move successfully into some thick topics – not always comfortable, but good.”

– M. Martin, SunTech Optics, North Vancouver, BC

“It couldn’t be said better than by a member of our senior team, who said: ‘My learning experience with Francine not only helped me improve my work relationships it changed my life.’”

– J. Watkins, North Vancouver Public Library

“Francine’s facilitation was a catalyst for greatly improved communication and productivity.”

– G. Zlotnik, ZLC Financial Group, Vancouver, BC

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and found your service to be invaluable in creating the initial dialogue that needed to happen. Thank you for your thoughtful summary of our time together.”

– C. Penner, Box Interior Design, Vancouver, BC

“The Leadership Program you developed and facilitated for the Council of Post Secondary Library Directors was very well received by the participants. Your fresh approach gave us new insights into our roles as leaders.”

– S. Wallace, CPSLD, BC