Welcome To The Business Harmonizer Group

Francine Z. Carlin, MA, is the Principal of the Business Harmonizer Group. Serving as a Family Business Advisor, Succession Consultant, and Family Business Communications Coach, she successfully links issues of the heart to the real world of business. Ms. Carlin is an exceptional communicator, highly skilled facilitator, and seasoned business strategist. Her wise guidance and thoughtful consultation has assisted dozens of business-families with acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for achieving long- term family harmony and business continuity.

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Why Work With Us?

  • Family-Business Conflict Resolution – Breakthrough communication barriers to achieve shared understanding
  • Family-Business Communication Facilitator– Successfully link issues of the heart to the real world of business
  • Family Business-Succession Planning – Achieve sustainable solutions to support family and business harmony

The Business Harmonizer™ Group is a family-business advisory and consulting firm dedicated to helping family-business owners and family members develop meaningful solutions for resolving the issues and concerns that have become roadblocks to critical decision-making.

In our role as family business advisors, we go beyond surface-level topics and carefully dig deeper to find remedies that address specific and challenging circumstances in your business-family. We do so by engaging in purposeful inquiry, thoughtful conversation and careful consideration of sensitive family and interpersonal dynamics that impact the family enterprise.

Our proven approach delivers positive results so that business-families are more able to effectively achieve individual and collective goals related to succession planning, conflict management, improving communication, family-business governance, family-business policies, successor grooming, and for facilitating enduring and harmonious family and business relationships.

Francine Carlin is a certified family business advisor and founder of the Business Harmonizer Group, based in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

What People Say

"Our family has worked with Francine to create a regular process of family meetings, confronting personal, family and business issues large and small. Francine has helped guide our family to a much greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities and roles that all family members have in a family enterprise. Without her help we would have just had a business and a family now we are truly a Family Business."
-- D. Porte, Porte Communities, Ltd.