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Why Work With Us?

  • Family-Business Conflict Resolution – Breakthrough communication barriers to achieve shared understanding

  • Family-Business Communication Facilitator – Successfully link issues of the heart to the real world of business

  • Family Business-Succession Planning – Achieve sustainable solutions to support family and business harmony

The Business Harmonizer™ Group is a family-business advisory and consulting firm dedicated to helping family-business owners and family members develop meaningful solutions for resolving the issues and concerns that have become roadblocks to critical decision-making. 

In our role as family business advisors, we go beyond surface-level topics and carefully dig deeper to find remedies that address specific and challenging circumstances in your business-family. We do so by engaging in purposeful inquiry, thoughtful conversation and careful consideration of sensitive family and interpersonal dynamics that impact the family enterprise. 

Our proven approach delivers positive results so that business-families are more able to effectively achieve individual and collective goals related to succession planning, conflict management, improving communication, family-business governance, family-business policies, successor grooming, and for facilitating enduring and harmonious family and business relationships. 

Francine Carlin is a certified family business advisor and founder of the Business Harmonizer Group, based in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

What People Say

"Our family has worked with Francine to create a regular process of family meetings, confronting personal, family and business issues large and small. Francine has helped guide our family to a much greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities and roles that all family members have in a family enterprise. Without her help we would have just had a business and a family now we are truly a Family Business."
-- D. Porte, Porte Communities, Ltd.